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Hincapie PowerCore Merino Baselayer

When it comes to riding in the cold, you need to be warm or that ride is going to be a short one. It all starts with the proper apparel. As many of you know, my good buddy (and rider of all seven Tours with me) George Hincapie and his brother Rich started an athletic apparel company. They have been cranking away since GH retired from the sport. Check out their site for this wool-blend, sweat-wicking baselayer ($70) and other great products from George and the crew.



Friends of WEDŪ,

Registration for the 2018 WEDŪ TEXAS HŪNDRED is here.

We’ve kept the best parts of this hundred-miler—a beautiful course that tours the ranches and wide-open spaces of the central Texas Hill Country, and a rocking after-party—but changed up the date to Spring so you can experience ideal riding conditions (and our famous Bluebonnets in bloom).

This isn’t your common century—the HŪNDRED was designed to satisfy a healthy appetite for adventure on two wheels. You’ll encounter sweeping landscapes and some local wildlife, including zebras, ostriches, llamas and longhorns. And there’s a pretty mellow four-mile gravel stretch to keep things interesting.

The ride area, including the start and finish location at Reveille Peak Ranch (less than an hour’s drive from Austin), offers many activities to entertain your friends and family while you’re out on the bike, including fishing, hiking and mountain biking. Your crew is also welcome at our after-party, which will have some great live music.

Come join us for one of the best rides in Texas,...

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I know we have teased and talked about it for way too long but the ASPEN FIFTY is coming back for year two. Time to get to suffering. We are doing another 50 miles but with a few small course changes. We will be hitting some of the areas iconic trails such as Smuggler, Reverse Rim and Government Trail but also some of the newest climbs like Hummingbird and Seven Star. Registration is limited and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association. This event will sell out. Our WEDU team will host a post race party Sunday evening. Join me in sitting in the suffering for FIFTY miles.

Preview the course:

Strava course file:

For more information, and to sign up for the ASPEN FIFTY, click...

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As promised, you are the first to know about the grand opening of our online store. We have created a line of the most requested items from the past year and have made them available for you. Get them quickly as some of these are limited runs. I can't wait to see all of you wearing this along with me. Be sure to post your new gear and hashtag #WEDU.


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It's back again. Fifty miles of mountain biking in scenic Aspen, Colorado. Last year's sold out event returns, but this year we are opening it up to a few additional lucky people. Stay tuned for registration info, and sign up for the e-list to make sure you grab one of the 200 available spots.


While sitting around waiting for 24 Hoūrs in the Old Pūeblo to begin, we all got together and said, “These kits are awesome, let’s do a limited run for the early adopters.” So, for the thousands of you who have signed up for this movement we thank you and want to give you a chance to purchase this limited edition WEDŪ 24 Hoūrs in the Old Pūeblo kit. This kit, known as the WEDŪ24 kit, is the kit that George, Christian, Dylan and Lance wore during the race.

UPDATE: This kit was only be available for two weeks and has completely sold out. Thanks to everyone who picked one up and stay tuned for more limited edition WEDŪ gear.


A selection of photos from Liz Kreutz featuring: the team meeting, the pre-race meeting and the start of the big race day at 24 Hours in the Old Pūeblo.


A selection of photos from Liz Kreutz featuring: the team meeting, the pre-race meeting and the start of the big race day at 24 Hours in the Old Pūeblo.


A selection of photos from Liz Kreutz featuring: the meetup, the recon and preparation for the big race day at 24 Hoūrs in the Old Pūeblo.

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The 1st annual WEDŪ ASPEN FIFTY took place on September 18, in Aspen, Colorado. The ride was an epic 50-mile mountain bike ride with 7,500 feet of climbing that began and ended at the Buttermilk Ski area. The route took all 75 of us through the iconic single track of: Tom Blake, Rim Trail, Hummingbird, Four Corners, Lanedo, and Woody Creek. The event featured: Tejay Van Garderen, Lachlan Morton, Lucas Euser, Dylan Casey and many from the WEDŪ and benefitted the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association. This is our recap.

VIDEO: Andy Curtis - Heavy Pour Productions