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Hincapie PowerCore Merino Baselayer

When it comes to riding in the cold, you need to be warm or that ride is going to be a short one. It all starts with the proper apparel. As many of you know, my good buddy (and rider of all seven Tours with me) George Hincapie and his brother Rich started an athletic apparel company. They have been cranking away since GH retired from the sport. Check out their site for this wool-blend, sweat-wicking baselayer ($70) and other great products from George and the crew.

Gore Shakedry jacket and Windstopper gloves, Giordana toe covers

Retired riders don’t ride in bad weather. Those days are behind me, thankfully. But if I don’t exercise I go crazy, so sometimes you’ve got to brave the elements. Gore makes some of the best cold-weather gear out there. The one I currently ride in is about 10 years old, so I’m excited to check out new one ($300), which is super lightweight and breathable, but totally waterproof. And don’t forget gloves and toe covers. I am a total wimp in the cold, and my hands and feet are the first to go. Keep warm with these Windstopper gloves ($65) and Giordana toe covers ($20)!

Apple Watch and Airpods

Ok—I am the first to admit I was very skeptical about the latest from Apple but I am converted. For the little bit of running I do, this device ($330 and up) works amazing. I can easily answer calls mid-run, and it is great for using Strava. In conjunction with the airpods ($160), you feel completely free.


The crew at WEDŪ are tech nerds, and we’re always checking out the latest gadgets. We just got a Rylo 360-degree camera ($500) in the mail and we are digging it. Most of the time you start moving around with these kind of cameras, the footage gets very shaky and hard to look at it. Rylo seems to have overcome that stability problem. It’s also super easy to synch up with your iPhone (Android coming soon) so you can push out video over your favorite social media. We are starting to use this on some training rides and will be sharing some of that content shortly.

NiteRider Lumina Light System

My first experience using system (prices start at $100) was at last year’s 24 Hours of Old Pueblo, a 24-hour mountain bike race. We had about 12 hours of night riding, and this light totally rocked and kept us safe. It’s crucial to have a helmet mounted light in addition to the one on your bike handlebars for that type of riding. Generally speaking, a light of any kind on your bike—even in the daytime—is an important safety measure.

SeaSucker Mini Bomber Bike Rack

This incredibly user-friendly bike rack ($440) uses suction cups for a shockingly strong hold. We’re big fans of this brand—they totally suck in the best possible way.

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Tire

This bad boy is a durable, grippy, fast, high-mileage winter tire (prices vary with size). It has extra-thick rubber for bigger training mileage, and the tread pattern provides extra traction in wet conditions. Ride safe out there!

ROKA Phantom Glasses

ROKA may be best known for making some badass wetsuits, but the company has also branched out into apparel and performance eyewear. These are the aviators ($260), which were inspired by their first pro athlete, Jesse Thomas. They look sharp and are packed with a ton of performance features, like a lightweight titanium construction and crazy good optics.

Wahoo Kickr Bike Trainer

I am not much of an indoor training guy, but sometimes you just can’t get out. This Smart Trainer is a go-to for a lot of folks who opt for indoor riding, whether it’s to beat the elements or just be more time efficient. The Kickr ($1200) uses Bluetooth tech to let you monitor your power with impressive accuracy and sync up with popular training apps like Zwift.

Rapha Travel Backpack

Anyone that is into cycling gear is familiar with the Rapha brand. Although only around since around 2004 it has made quite a splash in the market with their well-designed pieces. This travel backpack ($220) is perfect for the short bike commute or maybe even a long weekend trip. Added bonus for you folks out on the bike: it is reflective.

On Running Cloudventure Shoes

I was at a talk a few years ago and someone from On Running gave me a pair of shoes. I didn’t know much about the brand, just that it was started by a Swiss former triathlete. I have been wearing their stuff ever since. The shoes are super comfortable, and I can even get away with wearing them on the golf course. The Cloudventure ($170) is the company’s latest shoe, and what really stands out is that it is waterproof. Even when it’s a bit rainy and wet, you’ve still got to get out and do those miles.

Mellow Johnny’s Winter Beanie

I don’t have a fancy description to talk this up, just this simple truth: When it’s cold out, you need to keep your head warm. What better way than with a MJ’s beanie ($20)? Sold in our Austin shop and online. Like your mom told you…Keep your head covered and don’t get sick.

The North Face Kilowatt Thermoball Jacket

If you have seen me in the last few years you know I wear a lot of TNF stuff. I really like their apparel, and this piece is great for post workout. It is a fleece training jacket that features the company’s Thermoball insulation through to the core. Here in Austin we rarely get to experience cold weather, but this jacket is a good one for our winter—you know, when it dips into the 50’s.

Onnit Death Star Slam Ball and Star Wars Kettlebells

Based here in Austin, Onnit has a great gym (where I do a lot of my training) and also makes supplements and training tools. This Slam Ball ($75) and Storm Trooper Kettlebell ($180, and available in different weights and characters) are the perfect gifts for the Star Wars fan in your life, and just make a great addition to any home gym.